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Observator 100 years

Synchrotac SYN-96Dx1 Wind Display

The SYN-96Dx1 WindDisplays are a combined wind speed and direction indicator designed to interface directly to the Gill WindSonic and WindObserver range of ultrasonic anemometers (when configured for NMEA output), as well as many other NMEA compliant wind speed and direction sensors. The SYN-96Dx1 display comprises one 3 digit LED numeric array for wind speed information, as well as a 36 LED circular array (10 degree steps) for wind direction information.

All SYN-96Dx1 displays will accept data directly from the Gill range of WindSonic and WindObserver ultrasonic anemometers without the need of additional interfacing hardware. The display is housed in a standard 96mm DIN sized casing suitable for flush panel mounting and must be mounted in a console or display panel.

Display wind speed units are automatically determined from the data string transmitted by the anemometer and indicated on the display legend. Wind direction is indicated in 10° steps with a scale span of 0 to 359º.

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