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Observator 100 years

SWS-200 Visibility and Present Weather Sensor

The SWS-200 is designed for use in applications where accurate and reliable visibility measurements are required, with the addition of WMO 4680 present weather codes. The SWS-200 Present Weather Sensor has a measuring range up to 20 km and with an extra backscatter head it provides enhanced present weather information.


  • Measurement range < 10 m – 20 km (SWS-200)
  • Robust construction
  • Extended monitoring capability
  • Precipitation accumulation
  • Measures rainfall amount + temperature
  • Instantaneous and averaged Meteorological Optical Range (MOR)
  • Digital and analogue outputs
  • 3 switching relays to operate alarms and other external equipment
  • 24 VDC (ie battery) or optional mains (AC) powered
  • Low power

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