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A reliable classic, the SL500 delivers data mid-channel, yet is mounted pier or shore-side for quick access and maintenance, without the use of divers or boats. It is lightweight and easier to mount than comparable systems, yet delivers horizontal ranges up to 120m (400ft). Ideal for:

  • Large rivers, estuaries, and large water delivery canals
  • Bridge and pier-side monitoring of tides and currents for port safety, vessel navigation, and weather stations
  • Offshore platforms


Dutch market only
Please be informed that we – as a reseller – are only allowed to sell/deliver Xylem/YSI and Xylem/SonTek products to the Dutch market.


Additional documents


  • Vertical acoustic beam plus pressure sensor for water level.
  • “Multicell” velocity profiling.
  • “Independent” velocity measurement cell. This cell can be different in size from the multicells and located anywhere within the instrument’s sampling range. This cell is used for flow calculations or other specialised functions.
  • Flow computation and output, including total volume.
  • FlowPack Velocity-Index Discharge Rating software package.

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