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Waves, currents, tide and weather are very important for all work at sea, and especially during dredging and marine engineering projects it is of great importance to closely monitor the effect of the dredging operations on the environment. For example, when dredging close to a coral reef or pristine beaches.

Observator Instruments delivers fully integrated monitoring systems to dredging companies, from sensors to software for managing the acquired data.


System possibilities for monitoring of dredging operations and marine construction

  • Data communication
  • Data processing by OMC-Data-Online
  • Data buoys (wave & current) OMC-70xx
  • Poles and platforms
  • Bottom mounted frames
  • Towed systems and spot sampling
  • Turbidity sensors
  • Water quality sensors
  • Meteorological sensors
  • Data loggers and modems


Sensors can be mounted in a number of ways:

  • On data buoys
  • On measurement poles or other fixed platforms
  • On bottom-mounted sensors
  • Towed by a sailing boat or lowered from a boat for spot-sampling

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