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Observator 100 years

OMC-270 Rain Detector

The instrument serves for detecting start and end of precipitation. It can be used as status indicator or as signal transmitter for the controlling of security devices against precipitation, such as windows, venetian blinds, awnings. The precipitation is acquired opto-electronically via a measuring surface of approx. 25 cm².

A relays contact signalizes the precipitation status (precipitation yes/no). An integrated heating avoids possible snow-covering / resp. freezing of the instrument during operation in winter. Delivery is effected completely with mast holder, which can be used also for wall mounting.

Additional documents


  • Rain yes/no detector
  • IR light principle
  • Equipped with ‘event filter’
  • Heating option available
  • Contact load 230 Vac 4A
  • Easy installation

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