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Non-Invasive Road Weather Information System

Dependent on the requirements of any traffic-related weather network, there is a need for embedded and/or non-invasive/non-intrusive sensing equipment.

The NIRS31 is an intelligent sensor, which can be part of a pole near or a bridge over the highway. The NIRS31 is an alternative to the IRS31 Pro.

Microclimates that need frequent asphalt reconstruction prefer non-invasive technology. The exact location can be determined by so-called thermal mapping, which can be done with the Marwis.

The following variables are recorded:

  • Road surface temperature
  • Water film height
  • Freezing temperature
  • Friction (grip)
  • Ice percentage
  • Ice layer thickness
  • Saline concentration
  • Snow height


  • No destruction of asphalt
  • Easy to mount
  • Measurement of surface conditions such as wetness, ice, snow, or frost
  • Measurement of water film height
  • Measurement of ice percentage in water and determination of freeze temperature
  • Measurement of friction
  • Fully integrated surface temperature measurement (pyrometer)
  • Electric Isolation of RS485 interface for network with other UMB sensors
  • Firmware-Updates via UMB-technology

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