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Mesonet Trailer

Designed to operate under the Mesonet Network as a research tool, the Mesonet Trailers are fully customisable with Observator’s full-range of sensors and integration solutions. Automatic weather stations are optimised for remote agricultural applications and are available in many configurations.

The Mesonet Trailer was conceptualised with a customers need. They saw diesel powered light towers for the construction industry were the perfect platform for a moveable research weather station. The units were sourced without lights and re-purposed as a research grade weather station. The hydraulic tower makes installation quick and the trailer with a generator offers a small stable foot print. The system can be deployed anywhere, unlike a solar power system, which is dependent on irradiation factors. 200 hours of diesel equates to a year of autonomy before re-fueling.

Observator Instruments supplied the trailer integration with high accuracy sensors to a system with high throughput real-time logging, 2 way telemetry and fast charging. The Mesonet is a monitoring system that watches carefully all critical operations for a truly autonomous remote system.

The Mesonet Trailers are able to be quickly deployed and moved to various locations. This allows researchers to quickly collect data from a large sample area and develop a very large model for analysis.


  • Agricultural (crop, leaf symptoms & damages)
  • Air quality and health
  • Coastal & harbours
  • Commercial applications
  • Ecosystem monitoring
  • Energy
  • Farming
  • Fire & droughts
  • Heavy weather monitoring

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