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Observator 100 years

Industrial fans

Observator Instruments has a complete range of fans from the Airflow brand. These are often used for residential buildings and industrial applications. These fans are characterised as quiet, powerful and highly efficient against system resistance. From narrow compact units for locations with limited space, to larger, double-inlet models that offer very quiet but good volume flows. Airflow offers a wide range of fast and economic solutions.

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The dual-inlet and seat-fans offer flow rates of up to 6500 m3/h. The speed regulators – to be supplied – can be used to make the system meet the requirements of the customer.

The Airflow fans (ISO9001 certified) are designed and certified in accordance with BS848 (part 1). By using quality engines, you get trouble-free installations and a long life.

Airflow also offers flue gas exhaust fans that use direct driven industrial fans. The solution for private installation problems, where heating systems are modernised. A satisfactory disposal can only be achieved economically and aesthetically with emissions at a low level. This can only be done without problems with industrial fans.

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