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DIFF Automatic Air Volume Flow Meter

DIFF Automatic Air Volume Flow Meter with pressure compensation for high accuracy. Developed by Observator for the automatic measurement of air volume from supply and extract terminals, this instrument has a built in fan and zero pressure compensation facility that ensures minimum errors during use.

Designed to be self-adjusting for supply and extract systems, the instrument automatically detects the direction of flow allowing the 250mm square aperture to be placed securely over the grille. The adjustable display arms not only allows flexible operation it enables the system to be read from almost any angle. The DIFF will be supplied with free of charge DIFFiner PC-Software & data logging.


  • Full automatic, quick and accurate pressure measurement
  • The characteristic of the air distribution system is not influenced by the measurements
  • Easy digital read-out by the possibility of different measuring position
  • Indication of flow direction and air temperature
  • Data logging by SD-card and use with pc-software DIFFiner
  • Ergonomic design and light weight for easy one person operation
  • Measuring in accordance with worldwide Standards
  • Energy, time and so costs saving
  • Divergent applications

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