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Observator 100 years

CT13 Infrared Radiation Pyrometer

The CT13.10 is an Infrared Radiation Pyrometer for non-Contact Temperature Measurement. Since the measurement is contact-free, there is no falsification of the temperature measurement field by heat dissipation, such as in probe thermometers.

The radiation pyrometer is a compact transmitter, which examine by the Object emitted infrared self-radiation receives and normalised converted in an output signal. All optical and electronic components are accommodated in a small, solid die cast housing, so that the installation of the radiation pyrometer also is limited to the available space.

This pyrometer can be used in harsh environments, such as temperature measurements in the offshore.

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  • Rugged stainless steel housing, IP68
  • Wide temperature range from 0 to 900 °C
  • Very fast response times ≥ 30 ms (programmable)
  • Fields-of-view as small as 1 mm
  • Pilot laser aims the center of the field-of-view

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