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Observator 100 years

Airflow Pitot Static Tubes

A comprehensive range of pitot static tubes giving an amazing choice of telescopic, fixed length and jointed tubes to suit virtually any application.

Suitable for sensing in heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment including commissioning and troubleshooting. Compatible for use with electronic and fluid filled manometers and pressure transmitters.

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  • Modified Ellipsoidal nose conforms to BS1042 section 2.1
  • Excellent accuracy, K factor 0.997
  • Totally compatible with manometers, pressure gauges and pressure transmitters
  • Excellent yaw and pitch characteristics
  • Spring clip markers for insertion
  • Direction pointer to ensure correct alignment
  • Ideal for measurement of velocity in hostile environments
  • COSHH assessment and environmental testing
  • S type for limited access and adverse conditions
  • Optional gland fitting for fixed installations
  • Integral ‘K type’ thermocouple for combined pressure and temperature sensing
  • Miniature 2.3mm tube diameter available
  • Wide range of specials available to order

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