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Observator 100 years

Water quality monitors of Observator in the St. Maarten waters

Tuesday 13 March 2012

RS Watertech Solutions, agent of Observator Instruments, is installing remote water quality testing devices (YSI-6820OMC-045-III GPRS Logger and OMC-Data-Online) in cooperation with Nature Foundation St. Maarten and SLAC.

The Nature Foundation wants to be able to constantly check the water quality of the bays and lagoons. Therefore several water quality monitoring systems from Observator Instruments B.V. will be installed on various points on the seafloor of St.Maarten. These systems will transmit their data directly to the computers and telephones of the users.

Through the constant monitoring, the Nature Foundation can detect problems with the quality of the water and can take measures to curb any pollution. The public can be informed about what is happening in the St. Maarten’s bays and the foundation knows and learns more about the health of the lagoons and bays.

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