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Observator 100 years

Two OMC-7006 Data Buoys for Project La Mer (Dubai)

Tuesday 2 February 2016

A well-known company in Abu Dhabi purchased two OMC-7006 data buoys with YSI sonde from us in 2015. They use the buoys in the Project La Mer (Dubai). This is for land reclamation. They construct two piers, see drawing.

Intended for hotels, villas, leisure and two beaches. For more information about this project, check: www.lamerproject.com/about.html

On one side, there is a small coral reef. They use a silk screen to protect the coral. One buoy measures near the coral. The other buoy protects nearby public beach. Some coral has been relocated from the central side to one of the sides.

Our buoys are measuring multi parameters. The company, who purchased the buoys, is satisfied with the buoys and our service.

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