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Observator 100 years

Thermo Gauges for the cheese production on Baraka Farm (Kenya)

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Baraka Farm (Eldoret/Kenya) is a part of the Lewa Childrens Home (orphanage). The Farm takes care of food and additional income to run the orphanage (100+ children). The children attend school (250+ students) on the property site together with the local children, who have to pay for their tuition. The school results are above average, compared with the rest of Kenya.

The Farm (approx. 200 ha) has dairy cattle (approx. 140 cows), a number of beef cattle and sheep. The milk is used to produce several types of cheese, the local soft cheese (Maziwa Lala) and the Dutch Gouda cheese, these cheeses are sold local and in the cities, and give the needed cash to run the orphanage and the Farm.

The Farm is also used for practical training of the local young farmers to improve the use of the land and the animals; in a sustained way. This will improve the food supply and the income of these farmers. The Farm has been run by Jos Creemers, during the last 22+ years; he tries to make the yield of the Farm stable, by growing trees in his own nursery, and planting these (100.000+) on the Farm, which gives good results with extreme weather situations.

Observator is supporting the cheesemakery with the free of charge supply of 3 special length (450 /600 mm) Tel-Tru thermo gauges, which will be used to check the temperature in the various stages of the cheese production. We are happy that we can support this project with these reliable instruments, and are convinced that these will improve the quality of the produced cheeses.

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