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The MARWIS won a prestigious industry award in Germany

Thursday 30 April 2015

The MARWIS (Mobile Weather Data Recording) won a prestigious award in Germany, Industry Award 2015 in the category “Optical Technologies”. In addition, the MARWIS has also been awarded as the overall winner of whole contest.

The MARWIS is considered the most innovative and beneficial product of the year. The sensor is used as a tool for punctual action regarding expected critical weather conditions.

The MARWIS is a mobile road weather information sensor that detects reliably and professionally road conditions and environmental data. Mounted to a vehicle, the sensor measures data, such as humidity, road surface temperature, water film height, dew point temperature, ice fraction in percent or friction up to 100 times per second. MARWIS records environmental data in spite of different road surfaces or in adverse weather conditions such as snow and ice. The measured data isdisplayed via Bluetooth continuously in real time in the vehicle and transferred by a software or hardware solution into the cloud.

Observator is exclusive distributor at the Dutch Market for the MARWIS and other road monitoring sensors of Lufft.

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