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The ANALITE NEP5000 is a new development

Friday 27 March 2015

The ANALITE NEP5000 series of digital turbidity probes is designed for monitoring and process applications where ultimate sensor flexibility is a consideration. This probe offers a multitude of physical sensor variations, with the further benefit of a PC interface that allows the user to easily calibrate, modify range modes, and adjust sensor output modes and data characterization.

The NEP5000 series probe was designed for ultimate ease of use and a long low maintenance life. The NEP5000 offers many technological electronic and software advancements. The stability at very low NTU values is unprecedented.

ANALITE NEP5000 is a completely customizable turbidity probe that can be ordered to the end user’s particular needs. It offers all the benefits of a custom solution at a very competitive price.

The applications suited to the ANALITE NEP5000 probes are to extensive and too numerous to elaborate on but generally they include:

  • Monitoring during dredging operations
  • Monitoring of streams and rivers
  • Monitoring of water storage bodies including stratification studies
  • Intermediate and final effluent treatment monitoring
  • Hydrological run-off studies
  • Ground and bore water analysis
  • Drinking water filtration efficiency
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Sludge and dredge monitoring
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