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Observator 100 years

Successful technical training in Singapore

Wednesday 18 September 2013

At Observator we also take education as serious business….

This is also the reason why two Observator employees traveled to Singapore recently. Several South East Asian system integrators asked us to conduct training on our HMS systems. After a careful preparation our employees traveled to Singapore, where the equipment (sensors and peripherals) was already sent to.

The goal of the training was that the attendees (a total number of 56) would learn:

  • The basic set-up of a HMS system
  • Basic principles of measurement
  • See the easy operation of the Observator gear.

The major challenge for the trainees was the commissioning of CAP437 compliant system comprising of:

  • A wind speed
  • A direction sensor
  • A temperature humidity probe
  • Signal conditioning unit with build in barometers
  • A cloud base ceilometers
  • A visibility pw sensor and a mru
  • Read on a dedicated led-display as well as net work based pc with OMC-DOL-HMS.

The successful commissioning became almost a competition between the several groups of trainees. Mark Schouten and Eric Hurkmans were quite surprised that the clock should be stopped at 19 min at the most fasted group of engineers!

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