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Seven Waves built by IHC Merwede will equipped with window wipers & sunscreens

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Seven Waves, pipe laying vessel, built by IHC Merwede will equipped with window wipers and sunscreens

In 2014 the pipe laying vessel Seven Waves will be completed by IHC Merwede. The vessel is ordered at Subsea 7. The 550t pipe laying vessel, with a length of 146 meters and a width of 30 meters, will be deployed at the coasts of Brazil for the development of deep-sea oil fields. The vessel will be equipped for transporting and installing flexible flow lines in water depths up to 3000 meters.

Sunscreens & window wipers

Seven Waves is the fifth vessel built by IHC Merwede for Subsea 7. All four other vessels, Seven Oceans, Seven Seas, Seven Atlantic and Seven Pacific, are equipped with the sunscreens of Observator Vision. The pipe laying vessel Seven Waves will be provided with more than 80 pieces Visi-Plus sunscreens CL large cassettes.

In addition to the sunscreens, Observator Vision also provided the window wipers for this pipe laying vessel. 24 Pieces Type D straight line window wipers are installed in the wheelhouse. These window wipers use the new 8000 control system. This new 8000 control system is a modern successor of the 6000 control system and has a DNV-certificate.

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