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Second order to supply full Meteo system for Met training center

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Earlier this year we had the pleasure to inform you that Observator was selected to supply the complete instrumentation for the Meteogroup offshore training center. The trainings course ‘Offshore Met Observer’ is to train offshore employees and introduce them to the latest Meteo requirements, compliant to CAP437 regulations.

A complete set of weather sensors has been installed on the roof of the MeteoConsult office in Wageningen (The Netherlands). The OMC-Data-Online system, with HMS module, supplies then all relevant data real time during the training sessions. The measured data is not only used for training purposes, but is part of the large network of Meteo data collecting systems of the Meteogroup.

Recently we received a second order for a similar training center for a major Malaysian oil company. They will train their offshore staff in the use of automatic weather observation systems, which are mounted on their platforms. The objective of the course is how to use this Meteo data for weather dependent activities. For example the Helicopter approach. Observator will provide the full Meteo system and the course material for the training center.

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