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Our only Omega mesh-gauge is now on TV news in Estonia

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Our only Omega mesh-gauge is now in TV news in Estonia. It came out, that all old measuring methods are wrong and a most of the fish nets are not suitable. Enviromental protection agency in Estonia made electronic measurements with the Omega mesh-gauge and all new nets have smaller holes than allowed.

OMEGA Mesh Gauge
The bigger the holes in a fishing net, the more young fish will be able to escape, grow bigger and breed. So to protect young fish, managers set minimum mesh sizes for fishers’ nets.

Making sure that nets comply with government recommendations is the difficult job of fisheries inspectors. But it is not just fisheries inspectors who check mesh. Scientists also need to check the size of the mesh they use for surveys to make sure it is the standard size.

The OMEGA mesh gauge is a handheld electronic measuring instrument with data storage facilities for the measurement of the mesh opening of fishing nets, in such a way that its measuring results can be accepted by official authorities.

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