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Observator 100 years

OMC-Data-Online and Road Condition Monitoring

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Observator’s software program OMC-Data-Online is now also capable to collect, view and manage data from all road monitoring sensors, fixed as well as mobile ones, into a single database. The data can subsequently be viewed in tables, graphs and reports in a very easy way. In addition to directly viewing the data, it is also possible to perform calculations on the collected data. The collected data can be used to trigger the alarm module, integrated in OMC-Data-Online. Finally, using a browser you can you’re your data anywhere, anytime using your Smartphone, tablet or PC.

User-friendly and flexible
OMC-Data-Online has a user-friendly, graphical interface, that will immediately be familiar to Microsoft Windows users. No programming experience is needed to configure and customize the system to your needs. Even basic calculations on multiple parameters can be ‘clicked together’. Users with programming experience, can include their own JavaScript and XSLT code, giving almost unlimited flexibility. Of course, Observator can assist with this!

The screenshot below shows data collected with the Marwis (Mobile Advanced Weather Information System) mounted on a car.

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