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Observator 100 years

OMC-116 tested under extreme climate conditions in Norway

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Meteorological observations require devices designed to withstand the hardest environmental conditions such like heavy vibrations, sea spray, extreme colds, chemical particles etc. With a major track record, the Marine and offshore market is the home market for the Observator meteorological product line. In Norway there is a demand for heavy duty ultrasonic wind sensors on the hills and runways for the Norwegian airports.

The OMC-116 is a full metal heated sensor which, will be able to do the job. During the winter 2012-2013 the sensor was tested on some hill sites near Norwegian airports. Due to the heater function integrated in the OMC-116 sensorhead, the sensor performed perfectly.

The first units have been ordered now. These units will be used along the runways on the first airports. Coming winter, we will continue to run tests on the hill sites and on these runways. Data from the sensors is transferred using radio connection. The wind data is displayed on displays in the traffic control towers at the airports. This information is very important. If wind information is missing, they have to shut down the airport. So reliability of the wind data is very important.

We are very proud the OMC-116 past the tests.

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