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Observator 100 years

Observator has done an upgrade for a tank level system of a mega crane ship

Saturday 22 February 2014

Observator supplies an array of instrumentation to the ships, one of these is a tankmonitoring system, which is based on the bubbler measurement principle. The own designed flowcontrollers, take care of a constant flow, through the bubbler tube, and the manometer gives the level information.

The system can be extended with an electrical output for each flowcontroler, which gives then a proportional 4/20 mA signal, to the tanklevel, which can be used in the ships automation system. Via the system the information can be seen throughout the vessel and all kind of handy functions can be added, e.g. overflow or low-level warning.

Example of such an installation is the “Mega Crane ship” Stanislav Yudin, the level and 4/20 mA output for each of the ballast tanks (total 36.000 m3), which are very important for the steady and safe lifting of extreme heavy objects (up to 2500 mt)

Observator Instruments did an upgrade from pure pneumatic, to a pneumatic system with 4/20 mA output. These signals are used to display the ballast information on various places via the ship data network.

The active instrumentation is concentrated in one cabinet, the passive items are mounted outside the cabinet, and cannot fail due to flooding or bad conditions, like heat; moist; salt. This tank level system is an example how Observator can adapt a good system to the latest demands of the owner and the authorities.

The crane ship Stanislav Yudin (length of 183 meters and a width of 36 meters) has a 2,500 tonnes revolving crane, a 500 tonnes auxiliary hook and a 30 tonnes trolley hoist. The Stanislav Yudin is ideal for a broad range of offshore installation tasks.

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