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Observator 100 years

Observator expands its calibration services

Tuesday 10 March 2020

To meet the different needs of all users of measurement equipment and to offer the right solution for the right situation, Observator Instruments has developed a new Sensor Calibration Program.

Within this program, Observator offers various options to check, calibrate and/or adjust your sensor(s). The options vary from a straightforward sending back and forth of sensors to purchasing a spare sensor which is stored at Observator and available for exchange when calibration works need to be executed. And from renting a temporary replacement sensor to becoming part of an exchange pool in which your sensor will be replaced by an already calibrated sensor. Most agreements include both preventive and corrective maintenance.

This new calibration program applies to various instruments in our meteo-hydro and indoor air and climate range.

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Inspection and calibration
To ensure the reliability of measurement results, Observator Instruments advises you to check and calibrate instruments regularly, certainly in case of measuring instruments with high requirements for accurate measurement results. Our service and calibration department guarantees that your instruments are properly calibrated and at peak performance.

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