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New product: Solar powered GPRS data logger

Monday 6 May 2013

Observator Instruments has designed and developed a new GPRS data logger powered by solar energy: OMC-042 Solar powered GPRS datalogger.

This GPRS datalogger is a small, ultra low power, data logger with build-in quad-band GPRS modem. This small data logger, is provided with an internal temperature sensor, 2 GB micro SD card and a SIM card slot. Instead of using the integrated 3xAA NiMH batteries and the solar panel, it also possible to power the data logger using a 8..30 Volt external power source or use in internal 3.6 V Lithium battery.

The OMC-042 Solar powered GPRS data logger is a tool for acquiring, measuring and retrieving data. The OMC-042 is designed to retrieve and store data from various sensors. The data is stored onto the internal 2GB SD-card. The stored data can be send to any remote computer.

OMC-042 is functionally simalar to the OMC-040 One channel GPRS Logger, but the housing is different and the OMC-042 is supplied with a solar panel.

The other features of the OMC-042 Solar powered GPRS data logger are:

  • Various analog and digital inputs for use with sensors
  • Integrated with GSM antenna
  • Data transfer by TCP, FTP, e-mail
  • Alerts by SMS
  • Configuration using OMC-Programmer on USB port and remotely using web server
  • Provided with generic serial port drivers to capture measurements from ASCII, MODBUS/RTU, NMEA or SDI-12 transponders.
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