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Observator 100 years

New NMEA-based interconnection concept: OIC

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Showing the first prototypes of the OIC was the start of the introduction of this new concept for interconnection of meteorological (and hydrological) sensors to an integrated (NMEA) output string.

Recently lots of meteorological manufacturers came out with integrated/all-in-one meteorological sensors. Within our specific markets, which are mainly Shipping&Marine, Offshore, Harbour&terminals, these integrated/all-in-ones are not fit for the job. Besides of the exposed materials all sensors used within these system needs specific placing. However there are typical benefits of these sensors. Cost reduction in installation and having one combined industrial standard output.

Observator achieved to have the same benefits with this OIC-concept, while having the flexibility to put the sensors separate on the best suitable location, having the possibility to true field-replacement as well. This means we are able to deliver good quality data, measured according WMO standards, and still have one combined industrial standard output.

Remarks received on the Meteorological Technology World Expo exhibition will be taken into account during last phase of development and the true market release will take place in Q1 next year on OI-2016 in London.

We will keep you posted!!

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