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MeteoLink is a new concept for interconnection of your meteorological and hydrological sensors

Thursday 1 September 2016

MeteoLink is a new concept from Observator for the interconnection of meteorological and hydrological sensors.

As professionals within this field, you are aware that each sensor requires its own specific installation location to achieve its optimal performance. Recommendations on sensor location are also given and recommended by organizations such as the WMO and the CAA.

MeteoLink provides the opportunity to be compliant with these installation recommendations and also offers the flexibility to use a chain of sensors with one combined industrial standard NMEA output. MeteoLink also allows all measurement devices and sensors, within the chain, to be individually field replaceable, resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

A complete MeteoLink system may, for example, consists of 3 basic nodes and 1 smart node resulting in a chain of sensors for gathering up to 24 measurement parameters. Depending on the application and installation it may be decided to achieve this with one or more linked chains.

Although the heart of MeteoLink is based on two PCB’s, which can be to use separately as signal condition units, Observator offers several preconfigured sensor nodes. These might easily by chained together in order to produce a customized installation with one central power supply and one combined output.

Besides measurement and calculated outputs sensor node specific data is also collected, such as hardware and software versions as well as runtime and sensor specific status data.

Example of a small MeteoLink configuration

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