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Observator 100 years

May 2015, Environmental monitoring buoys for land reclamation project in Dubai

Monday 8 June 2015

The municipality of Dubai is governing an environmental monitoring project during a land reclamation project. The objective is to protect the nearby coral reefs and beaches. An independent consultant is commissioned to manage the monitoring program.

Two OMC-7006 data buoys from Observator are being used to provide continuous monitoring at two different locations. One location is fixed and is close to a coral reef. The other buoy will move along with the reclamation project. Both buoys are equipped with YSI 6-series sondes for measuring, conductivity , pH, Turbidity and dissolved oxygen.

Data is transmitted by the buoy’s OMC-045-III data loggers. Data is analyzed and presented in graphs and tables by OMC-DataOnline software, running on a server of the customer. OMC-DataOnline sends an alarm message to the managing consultant in case a parameter crosses a predefined threshold.

The buoys will remain in continuous operation during the whole project, which is planned to take 14 months.

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