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Observator 100 years

Learn more about the OMC-7006 Data Buoy (videos)

Wednesday 4 January 2017

For a couple of years the OMC-7006 data buoy is included in our range of meteorological and hydrological instruments and systems.

It is an unique instrument with a lot of possibilities for the measurement of hydrological parameters in lakes, rivers, estuaries, coastal zones and dredging sites. Discover this Data Buoy through our video.

Introduction of the OMC-7006 Data Buoy

If you already are familiar with the OMC-7006 Data Buoy, you can also watch the video with the assembly instructions. You learn more about the OMC-7006 Data Buoy

Assembly instructions

If you have any questions after seeing these videos, do not hesitate to contact us or check the datasheet of the OMC-7006.

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