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Last Time Buy OMC-158

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Observator Instruments is commited to providing its customers with cost effective products that meet the highest performance and quality standards. In order to retain our competative edge continuous product developments are essential.

Our OMC-158 is part of the Observator intrinsically safe wind set, consisting of the ATEX and IECeX approved wind sensor, interface and zener barrier box.

The OMC-158 has a single digital TTY output signal, but does not provide an NMEA standard output.

The replacement part for the OMC-158, the OMC-158-II, will provide this industry standard NMEA0183, RS422 output and will come in a DIN rail housing just like the current barriers or isolators.

With this Last Time Buy notification we wish to inform our users and resellers that the current OMC-158 can be ordered untill 30-09-2016, while final shipments available untill 17-12-2016.

Needless to say the new OMC-158-II can be swopped out with the current version.

We shall keep you updated on the specifications and price of the OMC-158-II as they become available.

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