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HMS2.0: a comprehensive & compact new design HMS

Wednesday 14 December 2016

After our design-team had completed the development of MeteoLink concept, they realized that they had the opportunity to use this advanced technology for a complete redesign of the Observator Helideck Monitoring System, resulting in the new HMS2.0.

Except for the meteorological, hydrological and motion sensors, all the system components are housed within a single 19” 3U sub-rack. This enclosure includes an industrial PC, all signal conditioning parts and power supplies. The barometric pressure is also measured within the sub-rack, using a dual/redundant sensor. The pressure sensors are vented to the outside via a pressure port.

This sub-rack can be used as a standalone table-top system or placed in a 19” rack along with other equipment such as PAGA. Since space is limited in some applications, for example on wind energy transformer and oil platforms, the HMS2.0 could safe on the total number of 19” racks required on board.

A complete system could be configured with a MeteoLink node providing wind speed and direction data (from up to two wind sensors per node) combined with air temperature and humidity data. A second MeteoLink node could be used for cloud base and coverage, as well as visibility and present weather data. This data can then be fed to the HMS2.0. External navigation equipment can also be connected to the HMS2.0 such as gyro and GPS. The flexibility within the HMS2.0 system allows other sensors to be connected, such as wave and sea state sensors and thunderstorm (lightning) detectors.

The unit is provided with a range of outputs, such as LAN, USB’s and RS422 (which can be used to drive the Observator OMC-140 Displays). Alarm outputs are also available which can be used to flag ‘out-of-range’ parameters via ‘traffic lights’.

Please contact us at info@observator.com if you require any additional information on the HMS2.0

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