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Ferries fitted with sunscreens and window wipers by Observator Vision

Wednesday 28 April 2021

Commissioned by Holland Ship Electric, Observator Vision provides various ferries with sunscreens and window wiper systems.

Observator Vision has recently fitted all new IJ-ferries (60 to 66) of the GVB with sunscreens and window wipers. New is the order for sunscreens and window wiper systems onboard the five new North Sea Canal (NZK) ferries. These new ferries, also owned by the GVB, will sail on the North Sea Canal.

Observator Vision also installed sunscreens and window wipers on board the Sandøy. This is the first fully electric ferry for Brevik Fergeselskap. The Sandøy will operate within the waters of the Eidangerfjorden, connecting Brevik with Sandøya and Bjørkøya.

The installation works onboard these vessels take place at the yard of the Holland Shipyards Group in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, the Netherlands.

About us
Because Observator was founded by a group of ship-owners, back in 1924, the maritime industry is our home market. We know that the weather can have a major impact on board: the reflection of the sun, the sparkle of the water, the raindrops on the windows. As a supplier of a wide range of sunscreens and window wipers, we compete with the four seasons and the associated interplay of dark and light, wet and dry.


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Photos courtesy of Holland Shipyards Group.

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