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Correction of tipping-bucket rain gauges data by Claude Lelièvre

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Claude Lelièvrie is a meteorologist with 40 years of experience, who has developed a multipoint calibration procedure, which serves as a basis for high accuracy reporting of TBRG (Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges) in high rainfall. This is important, for him, when he testifies in court cases, involving flooding due to extreme thunderstorms.

In his research, utilising many commercially available rain gauges, our RIMCO 8020 has proven to demonstrate the best accuracy across many rainfall rates. He states, “With a multipoint calibration procedure, the Rimco instrument should have an average error of less than 2% from 0 to 500 mm/hr”.

We are very pleased to see that, Claude’s thorough investigations, have come to the conclusion, that we manufacture a very accurate Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge.

Claude has formulated calibration corrections, which compensate for many “real world” conditions that affect rain gauge data, when utilised in various geographical conditions. He references criteria based on several recognised rain gauge studies.

Entire research about the correction of tipping-bucket-data:

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