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At Husum Wind: the first time that Observator will display its HMS2.0, 19”rack in combination with the ATIS system

Wednesday 6 September 2017

From 12 to 15 September 2017, thanks to the HUSUM Wind trade fair, Husum will once again be the capital of the wind world. During this exhibition Observator and one of her partners Gill Instruments will have a shared stand in Hall2 booth: 2D20.

It is the first time that Observator will display its HMS2.0, 19”rack in combination with the ATIS system. The total height of the both sub-racks is only 5 HE, and could therefore easily be mounted in a 19”cabinet containing other vital systems. HMS2.0 which comes in a 3HE 19”sub-rack contains all I/O for a standard or customized MetOcean/Environmental monitoring system and is provided with an IEC60945 industrial PC.

Standard OMC-DOL-HMS will be pre-installed on this PC and optionally the Modbus and Web server. Recently a lightning page was added to OMC-Data-OnLine, suitable in combination with Biral’s BTD-series thunderstorm detectors.

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