Observator offers a comprehensive range of display units. These displays covers all the needs there are on local dedicated displays in the meteorological field. These displays are even used by several of Observator's competition! Therefore these displays are available in OEM versions as well.

The range which is renowned by her clearness and brightness consist of:

  • Wind & Meteorological displays for land (and fixed offshore) applications
  • Wind displays for marine applications
  • Wind & Meteorological displays, especially designed for airfield applications
  • True and relative wind displays

Thousands of these displays have found their way to satisfied end-users in recent years. Observator has developed a successor of the standard wind- and meteorological displays. These LED-displays will stay available for the upcoming years. The successor is a TFT-touch-screen multifunctional display covering all the needs for the above applications.

OMC-137 Advanced Wind Display

The OMC-137 advanced wind display was specially designed for aeronautical purposes. Besides the standard wind parameters this display also indicates Numeric wind direction, Maximum wind speed, Average wind speed and Minimum wind speed. Visual alarms can be indicated when wind speed is above 10 knots and wind variation exceeds 60 degrees.

The OMC-137 can handle 4 wind sensors and is provided with a memory. So in case another sensor is selected, the 10 and 2 minute average parameters are available instantaneous. Obviously the OMC-137 can read in most industrial standard sensors.


  • Developed for Aeronautical applications
  • Meets all ICAO recommendations
  • Four wind sensor inputs
  • Selected sensor is indicated by runway heading
  • All parameters shown on separate displays
  • Visual speed alarm above 10 kts.
  • Visual variation alarm above 60 degrees
  • Magnetic North Alignment
  • 2 minutes, 10 minutes and user averaging time
  • Standard provided with serial outputs RS232 / RS422
  • Brightness control

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