Data Loggers / Signal Conditioning

Once your sensors have collected valuable data, you definitely do not want to lose the data! Instead, the data must be stored safely until transported to the final destination. This is the function of a data logger. A data logger collects and stores (logs) data from sensors into its memory. Data can be transported from the data logger to their destination in many different ways, including GPRS (mobile phone network), an RS232 or USB cable, satellite communication, or by a radio link.

For most logging and transmission applications, our GPRS data loggers are the best choice. If more input flexibility or PLC functionality is required, refer to our modular or PLC data loggers. The signal conditioning units can concentrate several inputs, typically from meteorological sensors, into a single NMEA stream on RS232.

Data from the data loggers or signal conditioning units can either be displayed on one of our displays, or it can be further processed by our advanced OMC-data online software package.

OMC-043 GPRS/3G Data Logger

The OMC-043 data logger is a small, rugged, ultra low, power device. It is specifically designed for remote areas without mains power. The datalogger is embedded with GPRS/3G modem.

The logger has an internal temperature sensor and has slots for a 4GB SD card and for a SIM card. It provides seamless interfacing to all meteorological and hydrological sensors from Observator Instruments and many more. It supports RS232, ModBus, SDI-12, NMEA and so on. Thresholds can be defined on all parameters. If a parameter exceeds its threshold, an alarm is generated. The data stored on the SD card and can be transmitted periodically. Like all other OMC-04x loggers, the 043 can be configured using the free OMC-Programmer software and a USB cable. Remote configuration over TCP is also possible.

The OMC-043 is available with several housing options:

  • Standard housing
  • The -01 version has an integrated solar panel
  • The -02 version has an integrated touch screen display


  • Analog in: 2x 4..20mA, 2x 0-10V, 1 x potmeter*
  • Digital in: 3x switch or pulse counter inputs.
  • Serial: 1x RS-232 or RS-485/Modbus or SDI-12*
  • Serial: 1x RS-232 accessory*
  • Current consumption at 3.6V: 65 mA active, 220 mA transmitting, lesser than 100 mA sleeping.
  • 1x 12V@200mA switchable sensor power out
  • Remote configuration possible using TCP or dial-in
  • Integrated antenna.
  • External antenna optional

* depending on the input configuration

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