Window Wipers & Sunscreens for Shipping

In shipping and inland applications Observator ensures that you have a bright and clear view during all kinds of weather. For vessels is it very important to have and maintain a good view during sunshine and rainfall.

Window wipers
Do you need clear view during rain, snow or hail? Choose from the wide range of window wipers and accessories: Pantograph, pendulum, straight line window wipers, clear view windows, controllers and spare parts: arms and blades. For every vessel Observator has a suitable solution. The window wipers are available in various types and formats.

Would you like to fight the nuisance of sunlight and heat? Visi-Plus sunscreens, Observator's own line of sunscreens, is the best solution. Visi-Plus sunscreens are used in several applications. Beside vessels, wheelhouses and control rooms, Observator has suitable products for office buildings and residential houses. The sunscreens are available in various models with different foils and rolling systems.

Development, assembly and repair is done by in house trained service engineers. Through our knowledge Observator can offer the best and appropriate solutions in window wipers and sunscreens. Observator provides customization.

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