Service and Calibration

To ensure the reliability of the measurement results, it is advisable to check and calibrate your equipment regularly. This is important for measuring instruments with high requirements for accurate measurement results.

Calibration and adjustment
Calibration is the comparison of a system or device with a standard to determine any abnormalities. The re-adjustment of a system or device is called adjustment. The desired calibration interval can be determined by you. We recommend to calibrate your instrument once in a year.

Our Service and Calibration department provides the guarantee to have reliable measurement results. By buying an instrument, your data will be added into our database and you will receive automatically a request (via e-mail) to provide your instrument for yearly calibration/inspection.

An appointment can be made with us to schedule the calibration for your instrument, so we can guarantee a short return time up to 5 working days, on the condition that the operations can be carried out by our own calibration department and if there are no major repairs required.

  • Two months before the required recalibration, Observator Instruments will notify you.
  • The instrument will be checked, calibrated and adjusted. Possible repair costs will be discussed in advance.
  • When it is possible, modifications and updates will be performed free of charge. If there are any other unforeseen costs involved, we will discuss these costs before we will take any actions.
  • Your instrument will be returned to you including a calibration report.
  • For a rental fee and limited, during the calibration of your instrument, replacement equipment is available, depending on the type of instrument and availability.

Own calibration facility
Observator Instruments has its own calibration facility. We strictly perform the calibrations according to guidelines. Calibrations / adjustments and repairs will be done in-house (as far as possible).

At any time it is possible to send in your instrument for repair, maintenance or interim calibration.You can request a RMA number via our website. The instrument can be send to us using the instructions on the website and including the RMA number.

Please use the information below to contact our service department:
Tel: +31 (0)180-463411
Fax: +31 (0)180-463530
E-mail: [email protected]

Please use the following address to send your instrument (with RMA number) for calibration:
Observator Instruments B.V.
Service and Calibration department
Rietdekkerstraat 6
2984 BM Ridderkerk
The Netherlands