Observator Precisietechniek

Whether it concerns an only copy or medium-sized serials, if you create precision mechanical components and -equipment, they must entirely appease to your specifications. And if you have a technical question, you want an active input of your subcontractor to reach the best solution. This asks for an in-depth treatment with maximum attention for your product, skill discretion, modern machines and quality conscience. To limit the over-all costs as much as possible, an efficient organization is necessary. All these aspects come to their full right at Observator precisietechniek.

Multi-purpose specialists
Observator precisietechniek, a member of the Observator Group, is specialized in mechanical precision techniques. In these fields the company is particularly multi-purposed and flexible. In behalf of the wide range of principals, both components as complete apparatuses are manufactured for multiplicity in applications.

Examples of it are:

  • Chemical analysis equipment
  • Nautical instruments
  • Measure - and control equipment
  • Instruments for scientific research
  • Medical radiation devices

These and many more equipment finds its way to both large and small companies and institutions, among which well-known names such as Shell Research, Academic Medical Centre, DSM and ECN-Petten.

Troubleshooters for customized jobs
Observator Amsterdam manufactures half-measure work. Perfectly, drawings supplied according to by you. Another strong side is co-maker-ship: as a valuable speaker we think with you from the starting development stage. Your ideas and/or sketches can be developed to a complete package of drawings.

The making of a prototype can be the next step if required. Co-makership has the large advantage that you risk nearly to no chance that you run into surprises during the production stage. Additionally you profit of the enormous quantity of knowledge and experience that Observator has in the field of engineering. This can give you a gain of time and product rationalizing and the necessary financial advantages.

Modern machine-park
Observator precisietechniek has production facilities in Amsterdam of more than 1000 m2, with CNC/NC Lathe's, Milling Centres and accurate all wire cutters.

A high-quality machine-park makes it possible for them to carry out extreme precision manufacturing such as: drilling, turning, milling, surface grinding, brazing and polishing metals. In addition the organization and facilities to assemble, verify and test complete apparatus are available.

Long-term relations
Practical flexibility without doing concessions to quality. This attitude of Observator Amsterdam is indissolubly connected with the pleasant manner in which one maintains contacts in a more personal environment. With numerous customers there is an ongoing consultation, where often unasked valuable recommendations are given. The principal is a welcomed guest in the workshop. Customer orientation and openness are next to quality the most important reasons for the long duration that characterizes the relation with many companies.

Quality guaranteed
Pure expertise and modern production techniques form the base for a final result of high quality. This quality is monitored sharply using an exquisite quality system. For this reason it is obvious that Observator precisietechniek has the lSO 9001:2015 certificaat for integrated quality control in its possession.