Airports / Helipads

With experience on the highest level of quality and knowledge on most meteorological parameters we are often consulted on airport / helipad meteorological systems.

No matter the size or category of an airport or helipad, weather data is a crucial part of safe operation and therefore mandatory. The Observator meteorological equipment is renowned for their reliability and high accuracy and therefore often used on airports and helipads. Many smaller airfields / helipads depend on the standard Observator wind sensors and display units which are specially designed for these applications.

Also larger, international airports on which more parameters such like RVR and cloud base are required can be handled with our product range. Moreover using OMC-Data-OnLine weather data can be distributed and presented on those locations where this information is required. Validated weather forecasting may be presented as well.

The airport and helipad market is a growing market for Observator.