Water Quality

The world's natural fisheries become increasingly depleted. As a result, moratoriums on commercial fishing have been implemented in many parts of the world as populations continue to grow.

Researchers and aquaculture producers are "farming" all kinds of freshwater and marine species of fish, shellfish, and plants. It's important for them to control and monitor the water quality on various parameters, such dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, chlorophyll, algae, blue green algae (BGA) and conductivity/conductance or salinity and more.


The YSI ProODO dissolved meter with optical oxygen sensor utilizes the ODO® technology in order to take a dissolved oxygen measurement.

There is a lot of information available recently about dissolved oxygen technologies among optical, polarographic, and galvanic. Optical DO definitely has advantages in certain applications. We invite you to read on to learn more about the YSI ProODO instrument.

The YSI ProODO handheld dissolved oxygen meter provides extreme durability for measuring DO with optical, luminescent based technology for field or lab.

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