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As an international operating, ambitious company, we realise that our position is partly based on the quality of our products and services. Something that would not be possible without our employees. Quality is an absolute priority, as well as health, safety and care for the environment.


As an ISO-9001-2015 certified company, we apply the highest quality standards to our products and systems. ISO, the International Organisation for Standardisation, is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from over 140 countries. The purpose of ISO is to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services, and to develop cooperation in intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity. ISO 9001-2015 standards represent an international consensus on ‘good manufacturing practices’. When adhered to, these practices ensure that the certified company can consistently deliver products or services that meet requirements for quality and timeliness of delivery.

Certifications Observator Instruments
Certified for the design, development, manufacturing and supply of:

  • technical measuring and control instruments;
  • technical measuring and control systems.

Certifications Observator Vision
Certified for the design, development, manufacturing and supply of:

  • maritime sun blinds;
  • window wiper systems.

Certifications Observator Precisietechniek
Certified for the development and manufacturing of:

  • fine mechanical components.

ISO certificate ISO website

Safety & Health

Observator considers safety and health as important issues. Employees are therefore obliged to monitor their own safety and health, and that of others, by following safety instructions and by using personal protective equipment (such as safety glasses, climbing harnesses, etc.). Employees are also obliged to use the safety applications of machines. If, in the opinion of an employee, a dangerous situation occurs, he/she immediately informs the supervisor, the prevention officer or the management team.


Within Observator, we have an integrated vision on sustainable business operations, in which we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future. To achieve this, we are constantly balancing economic, social and environmental interests and effects. Whether it concerns design or transport matters, purchasing materials or offering our products and services. We take all stakeholders and interfaces into account. From employees to customers, from investors to suppliers, and from humanity to the animal kingdom and environment.