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WindMaster Anemometers

WindMaster 3-axis ultrasonic anemometers are used to gather high value information by a range of customers. Users include wind energy site surveyors, military engineers and research scientists. WindMaster has also been selected by a number of global OEMs and system integrators as a core sensor within their systems.

Models are also available with a horizontal head design for highly accurate vertical flow analysis or right-angled head design for restricted installation scenarios.


  • High quality 3-axis (3D) measurements up to 65m/s (234 km/h) dependent on model
  • Data reporting up to 20Hz with option up to 32Hz
  • 12 bit digital data with options for 14 bit digital or analogue outputs
  • Robust design and construction
  • Multiple mechanical designs support a range of applications
  • Comprehensive support includes software and technical advice


Application areas

  • Wind energy site survey
  • Military data collection and product development
  • Integration into high accuracy OEM scientific products
  • Scientific data collection, and control information on unmanned marine vessels
  • Measurement of air turbulence: around bridges, buildings etc.
  • Building ventilation control systems (inc. clean rooms)
  • Meteorological and flux measurement sites

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