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Observator 100 jaar


The MET-THB-HS is the most accurate combined instrument, mounted inside a three doubled louvered naturally aspirated radiation shields. This enables high response time for each measurement.

This sensing solution measures accurate air temperature (±0.10C accuracy), has a fast response, measures 0-100% humidity (±3%) and does absolute barometric readings (2,000mbar). The system construction is designed to operate in extreme weather conditions. The device also provides a comprehensive configuration and a calibration interface to facilitate the requirements of sensors matching and adjustments.

Sensing elements
The MET-THB-HS consists of a platinum RTD sensing element for temperature sensing, one capacitive humidity sensor and one piezo-resistive pressure sensor. The sensor array is mounted inside a 128mm radiation shield.


  • Agricultural
  • Building controls
  • Coastal & harbours
  • Commercial applications
  • Energy
  • Safety controls
  • Transport

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