Visi-Plus ClimatScreen is a complete solution for indoor sunscreens. These indoor sunscreens are perfect for offices and residences. The sunscreens create daytime privacy, reduce eye strain, avoid damaging interior by UV radiation, reduce energy costs and improve living and working environmental conditions.

Visi-Plus ClimatScreen sunscreens are available in three different versions of the cassettes with guide channels. One cassette is suitable for a dual system.

Visi-Plus ClimatScreen Twin

The Visi-Plus ClimatScreen Twin is a sunscreen system where a combination may be composed of two daylight filters or/and one daylight filter with a blackout foil (dual system).


  • Luxurious looking system
  • Available in different RAL colors
  • Chain guided or electrical guided with 24V motor
  • Maximal width of 1,5 meter
  • Dropdown of 280 cm
  • Easy to install

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